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Community: A NewOrderOnline Tribute

Community is a tribute album dedicated to the work of Ian Curtis, Gillian Gilbert, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, it's made by the fans for the fans.These are the 16 finalists of a contest opened to all fans over the world and lasted a whole year, this is your tribute album.

This is New Order seen from the eyes of the artists of the NewOrderOnline
Community. This is the art of New Order reflected through the fans mirrors.
This was made to show how important the band is. This was made with love and
respect. This was made by the fans and for the fans. This was made for you. This is Community, your tribute to New Order.

Community is a tribute album that was done completely by NewOrderOnline.com members across the world.

Limited to 500 copies, you can still buy a copy at the NewOrderOnline Shop

Artists featured on Community:

almanso - Angel Dust
Captain Black - Procession
C Bentley - In A Lonely Place
Cloudless - Some Distant Memory
Dance Upon Nothing - Bizarre Love Triangle
Digital aka Known Pleasures - Love Vigilantes
Evaluna - Thieves Like Us
Flight - Dreams Never End
International - The Perfect Kiss
kREMLIN - Sooner Than You Think
Labster - Face Up
La Fin De Tout - 586
Project Wintermute - Transmission
SlightlyNarrow SoundSystem - Heart and Soul
Spiral of Silence - Dead Souls
The Minus One - We All Stand
Unfaith - True Faith

Due to the high quality of the songs submitted, the producers of the album dediced to release CommunityEP, a selection of their favorite songs that were not included on the album.

You can listen to the songs that didn't make the cut, they are available in our MultiMedia Cover Archives.

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