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  2005-01-11 12:00:00 AM
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Versions & Track Listings
Digitaluk2005London Records Ltd  
1-01 New OrderBlue Monday12" Version7:29  Windows Media
1-02 New OrderTrue FaithAlbum Version5:53  Windows Media
1-03 New OrderBizarre Love TriangleShep Pettibone Remix6:44  Windows Media
1-04 New OrderCeremony12" Version with Gillian Gilbert4:23  Windows Media
1-05 New OrderTouched by the Hand of GodTwelve Inch Mix7:04  Windows Media
1-06 New OrderRound & RoundAlbum Version4:29  Windows Media
1-07 New OrderCrystalAlbum Version6:51  Windows Media
1-08 New OrderConfusion1987 Mix4:43  Windows Media
1-09 New Order60 Miles An HourAlbum Version4:34  Windows Media
1-10 New OrderThe Perfect KissAlbum Version4:49  Windows Media
1-11 New OrderThieves Like Us12" Version6:37  Windows Media
1-12 New OrderEveryone EverywhereAlbum version4:24  Windows Media
1-13 New OrderSooner Than You ThinkAlbum Version5:11  Windows Media
1-14 New OrderEvery Little CountsAlbum Version4:25  Windows Media
1-15 New OrderHere To StayRadio Edit3:55  Windows Media
2-01 New OrderShellshockJohn Robbie Remix Edit6:28  Windows Media
2-02 New OrderAngel DustAlbum Version3:40  Windows Media
2-03 New OrderLove VigilantesAlbum Version4:18  mp3
2-04 New OrderDream AttackAlbum Version5:13  Windows Media
2-05 New OrderChosen TimeAlbum Version4:07  mp3
2-06 New OrderElegiaAlbum Version4:53  Windows Media
2-07 New OrderLeave Me AloneAlbum Version4:38  Windows Media
2-08 New OrderSabotageOriginal Version4:55  Windows Media
2-09 New OrderParadiseAlbum Version3:48  Windows Media
2-10 New OrderFace UpAlbum Version5:03  mp3
2-11 New OrderVanishing PointAlbum Version5:15  Windows Media
2-12 New Order586Album Version7:28  mp3
2-13 New OrderThis Time of NightAlbum Version4:43  mp3
2-14 New OrderRuined In A DayAlbum Version4:22  Windows Media
2-15 New OrderThe VillageAlbum Version4:36  mp3
3-01 New OrderSubcultureAlbum Version4:54  Windows Media
3-02 New OrderSomeone Like YouAlbum Version5:42  Windows Media
3-03 New OrderSunriseAlbum Version5:58  Windows Media
3-04 New OrderAll Day LongAlbum Version5:09  Windows Media
3-05 New OrderAge of ConsentAlbum Version5:13  mp3
3-06 New OrderVicious StreakAlbum Version5:40  Windows Media
3-07 New OrderBroken PromiseAlbum Version3:44  Windows Media
3-08 New OrderEcstasyAlbum Version4:24  mp3
3-09 New OrderAs It Is When It WasAlbum Version3:43  Windows Media
3-10 New OrderDenialAlbum Version4:20  mp3
3-11 New OrderRun WildAlbum Version3:57  Windows Media
3-12 New OrderClose RangeAlbum Version4:13  Windows Media
3-13 New OrderRegretAlbum version4:08  Windows Media
3-14 New OrderGuilty PartnerAlbum Version4:44  Windows Media
3-15 New OrderPrimitive NotionAlbum Version5:43  Windows Media
Release Notes
Exclusive to the UK iTunes Music Store
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Discographic information by T. Ivarsson, Dennis Remmer, R.P. Kernin, Fernando Lopez-de-Victoria & Nicolas LeBlanc.