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  2002-01-01 12:00:00 AM
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Cream Resident

Versions & Track Listings
1-10 Chemical BrothersOut of ControlSasha Remix7:18 
Release Notes
This is one of the most interesting autobiographical retrospectives of a club DJ in recent years, in that Fontaine is a DJ who obsessively documents himself and his growth on recordings. This is his 12th long-player. The two CDs that make up Cream Resident are all self-referential to Fontaine's then post-Paul Oakenfold residency at Liverpool's most infamous dance mecca. Fontaine decided that it was important to place the records that made his stay there such a success on disc one, but he also felt compelled to look ahead with deeper tracks, things not yet out of the bag or that had made it out onto the deck in different contexts than they are here, shoring up more familiar sets of tracks. So while all the punters will get Bedrock's "Heaven Scent" between the Mike Koglin remix of Lustral's "Everytime" and Sasha's remix of the Chemical Brothers' "Out of Control" and KillaHurtz's "West on 27th," they will also get some deep sides on disc two, such as Steve Ecomo's "Standing," which segues into the original mix of 2 InDaBush's "In Effect" and on into the Sound Associates' "Music." And it's on this second disc that Fontaine most resembles himself, that forward-pushing, sideways-glancing set of ears across the sonic spectrum for the next move in clubland, that next track to send the punters over the edges and pounding on the booth. There are a number of moments like that here, especially toward the middle and end of disc two with Push's "Till We Meet Again" sliding into Cequenza's "Sonic Blue," followed by a slither into Moonman's "Galaxia" and Twister's "Mauna Kea," and then a move through a few more clashes between house, trance, and techno to come out on the other side of all of them in the finale, Katcha's remix of Solar Stone's "Seven Cities." It's a hell of a two-and-a-half-hour ride through the tracks, with the phase shifter on stun and the FX boxes on meltdown. Killer. — Thom Jurek
Featuring vocals by Bernard Sumner & Bobbie Gillespie.
Featuring production by The Chemical Brothers.
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Discographic information by T. Ivarsson, Dennis Remmer, R.P. Kernin, Fernando Lopez-de-Victoria & Nicolas LeBlanc.