Wednesday 2006-10-18 12:00:00 AM
  Glasgow, United Kingdom
  Glasgow Academy
  N/A, Capacity: N/A
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Wednesday 2006-10-18 12:00:00 AM, Glasgow, United Kingdom

1True Faith 
4Who’s Joe? 
5These Days 
7Waiting For The Sirens' Call 
8Your Silent Face 
10Guilt Is A Useless Emotion 
11Bizarre Love Triangle 
13The Perfect Kiss 
14Blue Monday 
16Love Will Tear Us ApartEncore

From NewOrderOnline.com (Gerry)

Hi All,

We were at both the first and second night New Order gig in Glasgow and it was great to see the Legends on stage.

The last time we saw New Order was in 1981 in Glasgow, when we were young and there was nearly a riot when they would not come on for an encore.

Considering what has happened the year before and the dramatic change in their direction it was prehaps understandable.

So it was great to see they had matured after such a long time they were able to relax and talk to the audience. Hooky was very friendly and warm with the crowd, Barney was very chatty too and Stephen kept his head town, perhaps not fully comfortable on stage but still a brilliant performer. Mani, although new, was ever the professional.

The atmosphere was great and being Joy Division fans we so looked forward to it, having heard they were now playing Joy Division songs.

The highlight for me was when the played 'These Days' which Barney told the audience was only their sixth time playing it , it is one of my all time personal favourites, then they encored with more JD songs and to be fair to Barney I though he did an excellent job singing them too.

While I have to admit that we are not New Order fans and their songs made up the majority of the set, the audience loved them and showed their appreciation. For us and I am sure many Joy Division fans New Order lyrics and music has never made up for the loss of JD. It was of course only natural for the remaining band members to go out and make it in their own way, which they did very successfully both commercially and personally.

It is very hard for JD fans to apprecaite them fully, but that is just because we loved them so much.

But the past is the past and things cannot be undone, we enjoyed the gig, loved the Joy Divison tracks they did play and apprecaited their own set as well.

It was good to see Hooky, Barney and Stephen interact naturally with each other and the audience, having lost the nervey and asutere feel of the of the 1980's. Considering all the trials and tribulation they have come through and we all go through in life, to come as far as they have and be as happy and content as they appear to be at the end was great to see.

We wished they had played just a few more JD tracks and perhaps, more of a dream than a wish, that just for one day they could leave all the baggage of guilt and exploitation etc behind, which is now pointless anyway and regroup as Joy Divison to play, those songs that so many of us would love to hear live, just one more time!

What an event that would be...can they stay... for these days.

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