Thursday 1989-04-20 11:26:00 PM
  Austin, Texas, United States of America
  City Coliseum
  N/A, Capacity: N/A
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Thursday 1989-04-20 11:26:00 PM, Austin, Texas, United States of America

1Touched by the Hand of God 
3Dream Attack 
5Vanishing Point 
7Your Silent Face 
8Mr Disco 
9Round & Round 
11Bizarre Love Triangle 
12The Perfect Kiss 
13Fine Time 

From NewOrderOnline.com (fields of forel)

This was the 1st New Order gig I have attended.My best friend and I where going to drive up from San Antonio to attend this show. Before we took off, I told my brother-in-law were we were going he told us the City Coliseum use to be an old airplane hanger so it timbres the acoustics enhancing the sound. Anyway, We show up and theres a lot of fans already outside consuming booze and alcohol. The attendence was fantastic! however, I did encounter some resistance from one patron for wearing my Unknown Pleasures T-shirt, he said "There won't be any of that here!" I remarked "Well, I hope they play Ceremony for you!"(which they did)
As we waited outside getting drunk I could here the sound check and the song being played sounded a lot like incubation. When we got in we rushed to the front flanked to the right (to be close to Hooky). We saw the couple light guys climb these rope ladders and we knew this was it! Bernard whore his Khakis and white long sleeve t-shirt, Peter Hook was in Black Leather pants and a Yellow Tank top with a samuri pony tail, Gillian and Steve were ready to deliver the goods.
All the songs sounded great! they have fantastic timing Ceremony was beautiful, They all looked very high in spirits. I could here Peter Hook counting off on some of the songs, Bernard and Peter swaped guitar and bass a few times. The crowd was also comsumed into the dance and alcohol.
Peter Hook slung is Eccleshall bass down in crotchdome that I was able to hold up his bass while they preformed The Perfect Kiss. That was and has been the Highlight of my life!They ended their set with Fine time, On that song, Bernard finished his lyrics and left off the stage before the song ended leaving the rest the band jamming out Gillian and Steve got their fill and left after a while leaving Peter Hook belting out a mind blowing solo with the drum machines for about 7 minutes
Their sound was great, the aura was perfect they could to no wrong. Nada thing!New Order are the best live act that will make you go crazy and dance.
P.S. check my ticket stub

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