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Olympia, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom (2001)

Liverpool Olympia 18-07-01, set out early afternoon with John
& Lorraine, got to Liverpool around 4ish I think, proceeded to
the pub just across the road from the venue (Mr Jarvis will have
to help me out with the name.....again ) Had a few beers and a
great craic there, there were loadsa fans, both inside and
outside the pub (as it was a lovely sunny day) we were on our
3rd or 4th beer, when John spotted Bez from the Mondays, he
was with various members of Black Grape and Rowetta (backing
singer fer the Mondays) decided to march on over and see if
Bezrick was up fer a photie, he duly obliged, Lorraine took the
photie and I have used it several times to impress pals when
they come to mine fer a bevvy
This was New Order's first gig of the tour, and was not long
after Crystal was doing the rounds in bootleg forms....I think
the single came out just after the concert (but with my
memory, it's possible it had just come out!) Got into the venue
after the cue had died down a wee bit (which gave us time to
have another beer at the pub across the road ) Got into the
venue, where we looked at the merchandise, and bought a
couple of T-shirts, unfortunately we were situated up at the
balcony, so there was no chance of us getting down the front,
the security guys said there was no chance I remember people
handing out "Aftershow Tickets" and we actually thought the
band would appear in the Grafton (Famous Liverpool club
situated next door) silly us
Got into our seats, can't remember the support act, but from
what I remember they were ok, and I think they covered a New
Order song (again, I may be wrong!) The band took to the
stage with 2 "New Members" messrs Cunningham and Corgan
(who was wearing a Reni style hat)
Barney or Hooky mentioned it was good to be back, and they
started Atmosphere which Hooky dedicated to his mam and Rob
Gretton....very touching moment, and if reports from the
papers are correct, there were a few tears down the front.
The band during the course of the gig played 5 debut live tracks
(from Get Ready of course) Slow Jam, Crystal, Turn My Way,
Close Range and 60 Miles An Hour, all were greeted by
enthusiastic applause, now it might have been the beers
consumed during the course of the day (and during the gig) but
all the new songs seemed familiar, Close Range in particular!
they also played what would turn out to be the blueprint for the
rest of the tour, old favourites like Bizarre, Touched,
But a big highlight for the die-hard fans who were in
attendance, would definitely have been the re-introduction of
Your Silent Face (and Love Vigilanties) , the band were playing
Isolation, when we ran out of beer, so I had to go to the bar,
which was luckily, right next to the exit on the balcony, just
before it was my turn to order, I heard Barney's
harmonica......decided to make a dash back into the hall, then
Your Silent Face started, I decided to stay and watch to savour
the song, and ended up dancing with several other fans right at
the back of the balcony, all of whom were delighted to hear this
wonderful song being played again!! At the end of the song the
place went crazy, I decided to head back to the bar to get the
beers in. I heard a strange noise as I got back into my seat.....it
was Billy Corgan singing on Turn My Way
The sound to the whole gig was absolutely brilliant, they
seemed to gel perfectly with the 2 new guys, it's just a pity that
the bootleg doesn't do the sound any justice at all! They came
back for an encore, and I remember Barney saying something
like "We having that much fun, we're gonna play the set again"
then kicked into Ruined In A Day. They finished as they always
had with Blue Monday, and I think Barney said something like
"Yes, it's that fookin song again" We got outa the gig and
headed straight for The Grafton Rooms, hoping to see New
Order, bumped into my good friend Bez at the bar again and he
said hello. We were at the Grafton till 1.30 in the morning and
decided to head home, disappointed that the band never turned
up, but still on a high from an absolutely storming gig! We went
on to see another couple of gigs on the tour at Manchester
Apollo and London's Brixton Academy, but I'd have to say that
this concert was easily the best, and right up there with the
best I've seen.

Full set list was
Atmosphere, Slow Jam, Crystal, Regret, Love Vigilanties,
Isolation, Your Silent Face, Turn My Way, Close Range, Touched
By The Hand Of God, Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith,
Temptation, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Ruined In A Day, 60 Miles
An Hour & Blue Monday.

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