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Lansdowne Road, Dublin, Ireland (2002)

Due to ridiculous security arrangements I missed the opening couple of songs, but I could hear in the distance that the songs were Crystal and Transmission. When I did get into the stadium in the middle of 'Regret' I could tell that this was a gig New Order would probably 'Regret' agreeing to do!

The audience was mostly made up of drunken teenagers who were obviously only there for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and probably never heard of New Order. As a result the atmosphere in the crowd was dead and Bernard and the boys seemed a bit bemused by the whole affair. At one point Bernard muttered to the audience that they should 'ask your parents about us!', Hooky was giving abuse to some kids at the front too! They nevertheless soldiered on through what in other circumstances would have been a great set. '60 miles an hour' had to be restarted after Hooky fucked up his entrance. They then played 'Your Silent Face' which was wonderful to hear live despite the dodgy sound and dull crowd. The set which followed was Atmosphere / Close Range / She's Lost Control / Bizarre Love Triangle / Temptation / Love will tear us apart / Blue Monday. The last two songs got the biggest response, no doubt because the young audience knew the songs from ads and Kylie Minogue!

Overall it was a disappointing night because the audience stank and the sound was shit, so here's hoping the band will return to Dublin on their next tour to do a headline gig in an indoor venue like the Olympia, so their true loyal fans can get a real chance to celebrate their reunion.

Stadium Rock Sucks!!

Source: David Flynn (NewOrderOnline.com)