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Get Ready (2001)

Easily one of their best albums - happiness and sadness, joy and pain, excellent balance of synth and acoustic music. Barney's vocals stunning, Hooky and Morris on form throughout. Don't know whay all the reviews slating Barney's lyrics, they are typically New Order, and outstanding in their simplicity. I could go on and on, main thing is, its New Order, it sounds new and old at the same time, fresh and original and the songs (I know) can be played a million times without becoming boring. Quick hit list:

Crystal - great
60 Miles an Hour - Very Brotherhood, very good.
Turn My Way - Absolutely Outstanding, one of the best NO songs ever created. I don't even mind Billy Cork-screw... mainly because he sounds like a synth pad.
Vicious Streak - Initially a little dissappointed due to the outrageous amount of good comments it had received on this website, however, I should never have doubted them and it is a classic.
Primitive Notion - Very Brotherhood/Low-Life, excellent.
Slow Jam - Again, quality.
Rock the Shack - first and only NO song I've never liked - my girlfriend loves it, but album slightly tainted by filthy inclusion of this. Does sound like an average Happy Mondays song.
Someone Like You - Initially a bit sceptical about this, but it just gets better and better the more listens I have. I think this song is excellent.
Close Range - "You've got to Pull Yourself Together Man' - fucking incredible lyrics. Fuck the critics.
Run Wild - An absolute piece of musical and lyrical genius. Absolute and utter NO quality through and through. This is just magic recorded onto a CD.

Listening to this album for the first time was comparable to listening to Technique. Get Ready is up there with the best NO stuff... an absolute work of art.

Source: NewOrderOnline.com (Spotnick)