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Plato's Ballroom - Mr. Pickwick's, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom (1981)


Where do you begin on the most anticipated concert of my life. It was a cold cold night. Mr Pickwicks was a Club which became Plato's Ballroom for certain gig nights, short lived but a lot of fun. Everyone who was everyone from the Liverpool Scene was here. Members of Mighty Wah The Teardrops The Bunnymen. Anthony H was posing and Hooky was even mingling with the Crowd. Support came from Section 25, backs to the audience and Send No Flowers. Also we had a poet Badger Badgeroo a sort of scouse John Cooper Clark. Some bloke who lay in a box while these weird sounds flew out the speakers while the lid was opened and flower thrown in. Eventually the lid burst open and out popped the same bloke covered in flour, yeah surreal mate. In the background on a large screen were shown some serious surreal films, one bloke in colour throwing up in slow motion for 20 minutes and a famous black and white french film of a bloke staring at a hole in his hand with flies coming out of it. Anyway at 1.30 in the morning, yes mid-week can you believe it New Order came on. At this point it has to be pointed out we never knew who the new fourth member of the band was or even what the set up of the band would be or what songs would be sung. This is before the John Peel Session and before the release of Ceremony. So on came the band and gasps aloud when to the left of the stage right in front of me as it happens stood this goth looking bird, yeah Gillian. The nerves were obvious and obviously during one number Gillian must have cocked something up as the look Bernard gave her could kill. They played In a Lonely Place which we took as the Bands song to Curtis. Also they used the Drum machine for one Song Truth. After 40 minutes or so it was all over. No talking between numbers,to the crowd or each other no encore. I came out the club it was snowing, spent what remained of the early morning at a friends gaff in a Flat in Everton on the floor and was back at work across the mersey at Stanlow Ellesmereport at ten past 8 later that morning, now that was surreal. I did get a copy of the poster from Probe records, it was a Topper, but left it in a flat in Castlemilk in Glasgow the day after the flat got robbed, bummer. Tickets were £3 can you beleive it. Regards, Tel

Source: NewOrderOnline.com (TERRY HARROP)