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Microsoft Zune To Release Joy Division Player

(Wired) - Published 2008-04-24 9:19:00 AM - 9:19:00 AM

Microsoft is readying a Joy Division edition of its Zune MP3 player to coincide with the June 10 release of an eponymous DVD about the band.

The Joy Division Zune will feature an adaptation of the cover art from the band's 1979 debut, Unknown Pleasures, which artist Peter Saville created using a graph of one hundred pulses from pulsar CP 1919 (apparently the first radio pulsar ever discovered).

So far, no images are available of the Joy Division Zune, so to remind you what the pattern looks like, here's a picture showing how it looks on the underside of a pair of New Balance running shoes.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed via e-mail: "Zune is working with [original Joy Division album cover art designer] Peter Saville on a design for a limited edition device in conjunction with 'Joy Division The Documentary,' and will be announcing further details regarding that design in the near future."

Note: This is not the real look, it's a mock-up the guys at Engadget.com did, sort of wishful thinking.

Thanks to See-Ye Tan & Michael Boyd for the submission and informations

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