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Miracle Cure: Bernard Sumner collaborates with Blank & Jones

(Blank & Jones) - Published 2008-03-11 10:45:00 AM - 10:45:00 AM

Noting that when the time comes the discreet and legendary German electro-wizards blank+jones release a new single organised in collaboration with Manchester post-punk visionary Bernard Sumner.

  • The collaboration between blank+jones and Bernard Sumner, of Joy Division, New Order and Electronic, is called Miracle Cure, and it is the first song to be taken from this years very special blank+jones album of beats, treats and collaborations, “The Logic of Pleasure”.
  • Bernard Sumner is high on the list, if not the highest, of those musicians, writers and singers that have influenced blank+jones fascination with mood, intoxication, romance and rhythm.
  • The combination of the sure, vibrant blank+jones and the enigmatic, iconic and tender voiced Bernard Sumner is naturally a dream, as Sumner’s fragile yet bouyant melancholia slips beautifully into, and out of, blank and jones’ very own electronic sense of the epic.
  • The collaboration is the sensational result of electronic communication involving email and MP3 set up during 2007. Sumner wrote and sung his part after completing work with New Order on the soundtrack for Anton Corbijn’s award winning film about Joy Division, Control.
  • Miracle Cure will appear as the song it is and also as a brilliantly arranged series of energising/lounging uptown, down town and across town mixes from the blank+jones studio, and also from Manchester born Berlin based hypno-trance pioneer Mark Reeder, the currently on fire electro-obsessive Canadian Glenn Morrison, the prolific trancefrenzied German master Martin Roth, the Anglo-German electro-adventurers Onetwo and Scandinavian chilltronica club kings Lulu Rouge.
  • It says something about the reputation and ability of blank+jones that the discriminating Sumner, a genius of melody, wished to work with blank+jones, and that the collaboration has produced a song that can live with the best of Sumner’s ingenious, smart and infectious pop songs.
  • More news soon about the ninth blank+jones album “The Logic of Pleasure” and the record’s various enterprising collaborations, including Miracle Cure with Bernard Sumner.

Artwork, all text and bio written/designed by Paul Morley.

The world premiere of the song will be with Pete Tong on BBC Radio One's WMC miami special on March 28th.

Release dates for Miracle Cure Single:

May 30 - Worldwide
June 2 - UK

Release dates for The Logic of Pleasure:

June 9 - UK
June 6 - Worldwide



Thanks to Rebecca Boulton & Piet Blank for the submission and informations

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