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Community 2 winners revealed!

(Community 2) - Published 2006-05-21 4:32:00 PM - 4:32:00 PM

It is our great pleasure to announce the results of the Community 2 competition that ended on May 21st 2006. The top 10 artists are sure to be on the album.

O'ou - Dream Attack (Finland)
Glasnost - Turn (Greece/Argentina)
C Bentley - ICB (USA)
Tomihira - Mr Disco (USA)
Yokohama Crepuscule - Run (Japan)
Almanso - New Dawn Fades (Argentina)
Popvert - Subculture (USA)
kREMLIN - Lonesome Tonight (UK)
Tin God - Your Silent Face (Brazil)
Sunrise Before Dawn - Ruined in a Day (USA)

Congratulations to all winners. As for the other artists, the producers' picks will be announced at a later date (probably on July 1st with the winners of the remix, video and sleeve competition), so stay tuned.

Click here to listen to the archived episode of NewOrderOnline Radio that revealed the results, this show also features David Potts' cover of The Village.

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