Saturday 1990-12-15 12:00:00 AM
  Sao Paulo, Brazil
  N/A, Capacity: N/A
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Saturday 1990-12-15 12:00:00 AM, Sao Paulo, Brazil


From NewOrderOnline.com (Luis)

The venue was the "Projeto SP". It was about two years away from the beginning of my New Order initiation. Unfortunetly, once I missed the New Order concert in 1988 and the rumors that they had split up and would never play together again were nearly a fact, I was so happy about taking this opportunity. I knew about the concert in a very quick radio advertisement (89 Rock FM, wich was very strange for that time, but "let´s not get this so complicated"). I went with Renato and we had read in the paper that Hook said he would play some NO songs. That was very good news for us, because we did not have any idea about what we would listen from Revenge. There were very few peolpe in the row when we arrived and it didn´t got changed that much along the time. I was very nice to be in the first row and be able to see Peter Hook playing his bass just above our heads. He was completely stoned. From song one to the last, no NO songs. I cannot remember the songs they played because I would listen to the record only several months after the gig. Remember: In that time we did not have Internet and the information about a band not on the pop chart for a year or two was almost zero. Me and Renato, we´re very lucky knowing about the gig before it happened. We´d be lucky even if knew after it happened. A last detail: MTV had just arrived in Brazil those days and, again, I had lucky to watch an interview with Hook after the concert and a few seconds of the live performance in SP. Maybe the entire concert is recorded in some MTV´s tape. Who knows? If you do, please let me as well!

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