Friday 1986-01-24 3:30:00 AM
  Dublin, Ireland
  Sir Francis Xavier
  N/A, Capacity: N/A
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Friday 1986-01-24 3:30:00 AM, Dublin, Ireland

1Everything's Gone Green 
2Blue Monday 
3Dreams Never End 
4Bizarre Love Triangle 
5Thieves Like Us 
6Sooner Than You Think 
7Broken Promise 
10State of the Nation 
11The Perfect Kiss 

From NewOrderOnline.com (Liam Evans)

Sorry CuancD, I was at that gig too, the first night, and have some different memories. I agree with some parts, the crowd was really up for it, the band were on great form, very exciting atmosphere. BUt what I also remember is Barney walking offstage after about 30 minutes. I was up very near the front, just below Hooky, and I remember Barney just putting down his guitar and walking off past Hooky. By the expressions on the faces of the other three, this was totally unplanned, they played another minute or so ( can't remember which tune, maybe BLT), and then in rapid sequence curtain down, lights on, doors open, and so about 90 seconds we are all stood outside the SFX scratching our heads wondering what happened.

The gig was no more than 30 minutes. Iwas so pissed off that I stopped buying any JD/NO stuff for a couple of years. A mate of mine was at the gig next night, he told me they were brilliant. Until now I suspected he said that just to piss me off considering the shit gig we had the night before, but you have confirmed what he said. And perhaps playing 2 encores that night was to make up for Barney being a moody bollix the night before.

Glad to see he's in good form these days. Last time I saw them, in the Manchester Apollo in Sept 2001, he was wonderful, they all were actually. I left that one in tears, what with hearing Love Will Tean Us Aprt, Atmosphere, Your Silent Face, Temptation etc, and all played on their home turf. If I could have written te setlist that night meself it wouldn't hve been any different to what I heard, bleedin' brilliant.

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