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Home » Forums » NewOrderOnline Technical Chat » Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?
Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?
Thread Starter: J-Bob
Started: 18/05/2007 4:51:03 AM - 4:51:03 AM
Replies: 5
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Author Re: Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?
Member of the Republic

I think you are a pig, you should be in a zoo!

Posts: 142
Member Since: 28/07/2006 12:10:52 AM
Location: Planet Earth, Australia
18/05/2007 4:51:03 AM - 4:51:03 AM

Author Re: Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?
Salvation Member


Posts: 18,021
Member Since: 16/07/2002 6:55:06 AM
Location: wherever I lay my hat,
18/05/2007 5:13:52 AM - 5:13:52 AM
Yes. Deed Poll. My mate just did it after getting married, he took his wife's name as he was sick of people asking him if he is Eddie Izzard's brother.

On this site, no there isn't. You're stuck with the real name you have. That's the whole point of real names, you have the alias option as a nickname. You can always choose to conceal your profile if you don't want people knowing your real name.

While we're at it, any chance you could stop digging up old threads and adding nothing comments to them? By all means read them, but don't post anything if you have nothing to contribute. If this is a plan to get to 100 posts and access to the trading forum, it ain't necessarily gonna work!

watching the reel as it comes to a close

Author Re: Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?
Ian Pillar  
Member with Technique

Posts: 882
Member Since: 30/08/2001 4:30:54 AM
Location: VICTORIA, Australia
21/06/2007 4:13:43 AM - 4:13:43 AM
oh well i wont ask that question then

Author Re: Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?

Rum Deal

Posts: 8,044
Member Since: 06/04/2004 5:42:25 PM
Location: Deep In The Heart Of , Where Sympathy Held Sway, United Kingdom (England)
26/06/2007 12:51:47 PM - 12:51:47 PM
i never put in my real name when i became a member .

Author Re: Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?

I want to see my garden gnome, My wife and child waiting at home...

Posts: 8,279
Member Since: 22/02/2004 6:14:31 AM
Location: The Wild Fens, United Kingdom (England)
27/06/2007 3:57:36 AM - 3:57:36 AM
 Johnny wrote:
i never put in my real name when i became a member .

You should've used Johnny Thomas if you were becoming a member... Laughing Out Loud Evil laugh


Edited by: Snorrimon on 27/06/2007 3:57:57 AM - 3:57:57 AM

There are no good reasons, only poor excuses...

Author Re: Is there a way to change your 'Real Name'?
Member of the Brotherhood

i'm one of the few people, who live in what's called 'the low-life'...

Posts: 343
Member Since: 23/01/2005 8:41:42 PM
Location: here, there and everywhere,
27/06/2007 4:18:08 AM - 4:18:08 AM
ask bernard sumner/albrecht/dickens, he would know...

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