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Home » Forums » NewOrderOnline Technical Chat » Why do I login twice?
Why do I login twice?
Thread Starter: El Jarvo
Started: 10/04/2007 9:46:43 AM - 9:46:43 AM
Replies: 1
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Author Re: Why do I login twice?
El Jarvo  

Phat Boys

Posts: 14,869
Member Since: 01/09/2001 7:53:03 AM
Location: Snorebans, United Kingdom (England)
10/04/2007 9:46:43 AM - 9:46:43 AM
Oooh, first post in here.

Why do I register as logging in twice?

Checked my login count here, before logging in, then logged in, and went to the login count page and it had registered me as '2' extra logins. Logged out, repeated the same thing, and it's added '2' again.

It's not like I'm even opening a new window. It's all done in the same window, and from moving around the menu bar.

Does it register 100 logins everyime Leggy D take a peak in here? How on earth did he do 150k otherwise?! eek!

Author Re: Why do I login twice?
14 K  
Dead Soul

These Days.

Posts: 2,225
Member Since: 31/10/2005 3:39:21 PM
Location: ,
12/04/2007 2:19:54 PM - 2:19:54 PM
Al, you' re right.

Hilarious. The Log- in count registers exactly two (2) for every time it' s used.

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