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10/06/2004 2:52:43 PM

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laura james bellamy
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laura james bellamy
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croatian, english
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Favorite Male Singer
of course, michael jackson...
Favorite Female Singer
pj harvey.
New Order Fan Since
Why do I like New Order?
couse i loved and still love (this is unnecessary..what?! whatever..)here to stay and i was curious, well i knew that new order is not newbie in music haha so whatever, i started to download their albums and i like it..o, question was WHY not how..well..first, i was in love with bernard and then i realize that he is old hahaha whatever.. i like their music couse they... damn it people, why do people love music..i don't know.. leave me alone.. i love their melodies and lyrics...

version 2:written much later: i didn't listen to new order for sooo long and i feel like some bluffer, quack, imposer..whatever my dictionary say for the word i'm looking for.. so,i was saying..i'm really sorry and i will listen to NO more..from today.i promise.
Favorite New Order Song
ceremony, the perfect kiss, all the way, here to stay, age of consent, doubts even here, dreams never end,...
Favorite New Order Album
movement/low life
Favorite New Order Video
well...crystal ..(krafty is not bad)
Favorite New Order Related Artwork
Favorite New Order Lyrics
regret, face up
About Myself
i'm ambivalent person (?)
now it's writing a person named Mirko.

version 2:written much later:yes,everything is true.i'm not normal.i mean,i am..but...damn it.