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Revenge was New Order bassist Peter Hook's critically maligned and commercially rebuffed side project. Exhibiting a sleazy image — the band's first album One True Passion featured provocative shots of scantily clad women — and a noisier sound than New Order, Revenge was Hook's attempt to divest himself from his accomplishments with Joy Division and New Order. However, Revenge didn't have Joy Division's grim intensity and intellectual depth or New Order's smooth amalgam of rock & roll and disco; instead, the group was unfocused and self-indulgent. The throb of Hook's trademark bass lines — so distinguishable on Joy Division and New Order records — was nixed for less tuneful grooves. Formed in the late '80s by Hook, Dave Hicks (guitar), and Chris "CJ" Jones (keyboards), Revenge debuted with a live performance at a London bondage party in January 1990. One True Passion was also released that year. Seeking controversy, the video for "Pineapple Face" was banned because Hook adorned his neck with a chastity belt. Hicks was eventually replaced by the band's touring bassist David Potts, and the band recorded the EP Gun World Porn in 1992. As with its predecessor, Gun World Porn was ripped to shreds in the press. After Revenge broke up in 1992, Hook returned to New Order. In 1997, Hook collaborated again with Potts as Monaco.

- Michael Sutton - All Music Guide

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