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Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester, United Kingdom (2002)

New Order in-crease

"This one's 'Love Vigilanties'"
And before we can open our eyes from basking in the Manchester sun, out crashes New Orders' choice of urban ignition.
They're off and don't we know it? Sumner, skips and whoops his way through a body of work, to which grown men could & do weep to - for the second time in most cases, for as with recent tour dates, the boys dip in to the much closed pocket of their past.
Crystal - the strongest single of recent times - bangs through Stretford and Barneys conscience, yet the majestic chorus of "......I'm a man/in a daze/with a girl/I betrayed........." ensures his everlasting forgiveness.
The fuzion of tracks old and new cements the fact that Joy Division & New Order material is simply very good now. Once when your tickets proposed the promise of factorys favourite sons live - it was a gamble. False starts - lost melodies - no shows. Gone are those days. Gone but not forgotten is Curtis, of whom Sumner captures the spirit of his old friend rightfully and accordingly.
'Atmostphere' is simply beautiful and poignant and just never quite lets you go, as 'Brutal' & 'She's Lost Control' (dedicated to Hooky's equal number John Entwistle), 'BLT' and 'Touched by the hand of God' stamp their single authority.
'True Faith' is bolstered by being knit into the underground greatness that was the much sought after 'pink noise' mix. 'Temptation' just sounds hard.
"........Please welcome the prince of darkness, Keith Allen" Announces Sumner "he did'nt have much Joy with his last single with Fat Les, so we had to have him back........" 'World in Motion' is THE greatest football song ever written, and with Allen taking the rap in the middle, it sounds ever the more truthfull - designed by football fans, for football fans. Only if
En-Ger-Land had won..........
Manchester is the dedicated recipient of the encores, because hooky is "f%@!king pround to live here." I assume Ms Minogue would be out of her head too, to have Blue Monday spliced with her number one hit.
'Your silent face' is our parting hymn and as the boys leave the stage to up the quota of pernod, before work starts on the new album, you just know that even though New Order perhaps won't do anything else thats completely fresh or pioneering, they always give you what you want.
Bless 'em.

Joel Perry

Source: NewOrderOnline.com (J Perry)