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Get Ready (2001)

Here are my thoughts about this great album. But first, don't make the mistake to listen to this record in comparison to their earlier albums! There are some things you have to deal with. Overall, the production is on top-level !!! Very tight and very modern !

- Crystal
nothing more to say about their comeback-single...but the long version is much more intense and features the guitar bits Lee Combs used in his remix.
- 60 mph
great second track, very catchy. A logical choice for a second single.
- Turn my way
i expected the worst, i thought this collaboration is going to be a straight "Smashing Pumpkins"-like rocksong, but i was positively surprised. It combines the best elements of both bands.
- Vicious streak
this is my first favourite on this album. Sharp electronic beats, sounds really powerful, a bit like "Vanishing Point". Great atmosphere !!!
- Primitive Notion
In my opinion the best of the new songs. Incredible Hooky-bass intro, fabulous drumming by Stephen. A perfect melting pot of NewOrder/JoyDivision elements.
- Slow Jam
well, this is the not-so-good song on the record even from a neutral point of view. The vocals sound a bit uninspiring, sorry to say that but it really sounds a bit like Oasis frown
- Rock The Shack
when i first heard this track i didn't like it that much, but after a few rounds in my CD player this one fucking rocks !!! This one, and not SlowJam, sounds to me like a jam session. It has great vocal lines, I like that one !!!
- Someone Like You
Also, a great keyboard-dominated track even if the female backing vocals are a bit disturbing to me (as ususal on NewOrder recordings).
- Close Range
obviously this is going to be the third single i guess. Tight song structure catchy chorus, great bridge and a nice groove. A typical single candidate.
- Run Wild
Oooops, this one is...different...an acoustic ballad yes, hard to describe. Barney singing of Jesus and stuff....very different from what they've done before...

After all i have to say, "Get Ready" is going to be one of my favourite NewOrder-albums. They do not look back, they step forward and that is the best thing they can really do. "Get Ready" is a masterpiece of ambitious modern pop music!

What do you think ???

Source: NewOrderOnline.com (Marco)