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Sod's Law

11 April 2006
   01:39:39, Tim / Personal Blog, 292 words  

Sod's Law

Looks like it is going to be another of those years when it comes to seeing New Order live, hot on the heels of last year's catalogue of disasters.....

So far, there has only been one show, but despite having a ticket and travel booked I had to cancel at the last minute, as the bastard rail company were doing engineering works and I couldn't get back in time to get to work - the pitfalls of working on programmes that lurch from one crisis to another!

Now, we have Athens (possibly) and the two Spanish shows to look forward to, at least some people will. I'm due to fly out to Greece on holiday three days after the Athens show, if only it were a week later. I can't really justify using the holiday money me and the missus have put aside for a gig a couple of days in advance of the holiday, so unless I come into some money or can sell some guitar stuff or tapes, it ain't gonna be happening.

The one that really takes the biscuit though is Spain. The only weekend that all of Digital are available to play gigs between the start of June and the end of July is the weekend of July 14th-15th, and we have booked a gig at the Cartoon in Croydon, a well-known venue that was recently the location for a four-night residency by The Fall. Typical that the Order are playing in Spain that night and the next night, as not only does it mean that I have to miss at least one of the Spanish gigs, it also means that the Viking contingent and other UK-based NOOLers and NO fans won't be coming to see us play!
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